Ultimate Loan Calculator in Excel

Ultimate Loan Calculator in Excel
Pay off your Loan faster & Save on Interest

Main Features:

  • Any Type of Loan (mortgage, credit card, personal or car loan)
  • 4 Repayment Frequencies (daily, weekly, fortnightly & monthly)
  • 4 Interest Compounding Frequencies (daily, weekly, fortnightly & monthly)
  • Up to 3000 Periods (easily extendable)
  • Extra Repayments
  • Adjustable Payment Dates (i.e. if paid late)
  • Repayments “In Arrears” (at the end of period)

Result Values:

  • Loan End-Date & Loan Term (length in years)
  • Total Interest & Principal Paid
  • Total Loan Amount Paid

Detailed User Manual can be found here.




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